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Re: window-managers and GUI environments

On Mon, Jul 03, 2000 at 10:18:14PM -0700, S. Champ wrote:
> [ alternate subject-line:
> 	"the big ol' debian tree. : GUI node." ]
> hi.
> while i'm still working on getting debian installed, i'd like to look ahead to
> what options are available among the windowing environments.
> i know of the following:
> 	Gnome (? uses motif? )
> 	KDE (? uses Q? )
>	Afterstep (? is this still used by anyone? an analogue of it is
>     heavily used in the ms-w community, under the name 'litestep' )
> and i'd like to build some sort of a tree for helping folks to choose
> from among the options, and to install the chosen one(s).  (~~ external
> links, wget-lists,
> etc. )

This already exists, somewhat:  http://www.plig.org/xwinman/ 

Under Debian, if you install a set of window managers, you can generally
switch between them from the root window menus.  Exceptions tend to be
GNOME and KDE (you can log out but not switch to another WM, though you
can often substitute another WM for the default), and twm, which doesn't
seem to have this menu option.

I prefer WindowMaker to Afterstep.  Appearance is quite similar,
function is IMO smoother.

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