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which netscape? lynx set-up?


I'm running potato on a G3 iMac. It's going well, thanks to your
help :)  But...
(1) I've downloaded Navigator 4.08 for linux 2.0; after installing, and
trying to execute netscape, the shell says it's not an executable binary
(it's a binary allright). Is it because I should get linux 2.0 glibc? what
is glibc anyway? gnu library? (note, during mount of /dev/hda, I 
did keep linux 2.0 compatibility when asked)
(2) Somehow I was able to download Navigator once using lynx. But it seems
it's not doing well with large files. I failed to download Communicator or
Navigator for linux 2.0 glibc. Maybe they're too big? lynx just freezes
after download. Can lynx's memory be increased?
(3) I must say I'm impressed with the download speeds I'm getting with
lynx, consistently above 5 K/sec on a 56K modem. Switching to MAC OS, the
speed, at about the same time today, was more like 1 K/sec. Same file. Is
there a good reason for this?

(4) some random piece of info that could be useful to others:
to get X running, the mouse type is IMSP/2 for /dev/usbmouse
(5) in Ethan's notes, the mkofboot command should read (the /target/ is
missing, even though it's pretty obvious, it can be confusing for a
newbie like me)
mkofboot --boot /dev/hda2 -m /target/etc/ofboot.b --root ......

(6) how does one do an anonymous ftp? what's the username and password? 

thanks again,


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