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Re: X with shadow-passwords

estoy@ver.megared.net.mx wrote:
> ...I can't start an X session as unprivileged user.

How are you attempting to start an X session?
(Answers may be below, but I am confusing myself with
the differences in syntax, so just to be clear...)
What error messages are you getting?  Try `startx > startx.log` .

> Using xdm neither unprivileged-user or root can login

Does xdm report something?

> Using startx just root can login

What do you mean by "can login"?  Start X?

> I read in the LinuxFAQ that it might be due to use of non-shadow
> password programs (as startx, X, xinit, etc). Since I'm using
> shadow-password "protection" in my system, I think this could be the
> problem.

Not likely.  And this reasoning doesn't get one to this conclusion:
1) non-shadaw pwd messes up X
2) I use shadow pwd
3) My X gets messed up.

The syllogism is faulty.  Look for the problem elsewhere.

> Does anybody know what version of xfree86 has this shadow-password
> compatibility?
> Is there any chance I get my actual version (3.3.6) to work with
> shadow-password compatibility?

I use shadow passwords, and have no problems using X.  I doubt that
this is at fault here, really.

> I really appreciate any sugestion since I'm a newbie-Debian-user

Oh, hey, we're glad to help, and when you can, you'll be glad to
help others, right?

> (Is this the reason why nobody answer my questions?, this is not the
> newbie mailing list I thought )

This is the mailing list for Debian Users, to request & give help,
and to discuss the use of Debian, and related issues (just not _too_
off topic, please), whether one is a clueless newbie, or a (get
ready for a phrase-coining) newless cluebie.  I don't know why nobody
answered your questions, but there may be various reasons:  no X-perts
available at the time of your previous posts, or, possibly, not
understanding the nature of your problem, so skipping instead of
delving into it.  Response in not guaranteed, but has a fairly
high probability.

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