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X crash question (where's the core file?)


  X has been crashing (signal 11) here sometimes (once a day, or maybe
  once   every two days). I believe it's the kernel
  (2.4.0-test5-pre4), but   it could be something else (I use the CVS
  version of flwm)... These are the only two relevand things that I
  have changed recently...

  So, after crashing, X tells me that it dumped a core file - that I
  wanted to use - but it's nowhere... Any ideass of what I could do so
  I can perhaps determine where the crash is happening and report

  This is woody, with XFree86 3.3.6-10.

Thank you,

Jeronimo Pellegrini
Institute of Computing - Unicamp - Brazil
mailto:jeronimo@ic.unicamp.br    mailto:pellegrini@iname.com

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