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Re: Xf86 xonfig for Compaq Deskpro TFT5000

try including the output of the X server in any email when you have X

start X via:

startx >&X.log

X.log will contain all output from the server.

ive run many g400s and havent had a problem.


On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Aaron Stromas wrote:

aaron. >hi,
aaron. >
aaron. >i'm having very little success configuring X (v 3.3.6-10) on this compaq
aaron. >machine. it has matrox millenium g400 agp video card which calls for
aaron. >XF86_SVGA server. i got the the hsync and vsync values from the monitor
aaron. >spec, 32-60 and 57-85, respectively but X dies without giving any hints
aaron. >that i can understand.
aaron. >
aaron. >could someone who has this system and got x running send me their
aaron. >XF86Config? please cc me in your reply as i'm currently off the list.
aaron. >tia,
aaron. >
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aaron. >
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