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Re: xfree86 4.01

Thus spake Noah L. Meyerhans (frodo@morgul.net):
> Compiling from source was a breeze.  And you won't screw up your own X if
> you tell X 4.0.1 to install itself to something like /usr/local/X11R6 or
> something like that.  Read the directions included with the distribution
> and you should be all set.  Just make sure you've got plenty of free time
> to wait while X builds.  I think it's the longest build I've ever
> experienced.  As I recall it was something like 90 minutes on my K6-II
> 450/SCSI/128 MB RAM...
> noah

90 mins is long?  You never compiled kernel 0.9X on a 386x16SX with 4
megs of ram I take it?


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