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XMailTool Package Market Research

Greetings: God bless you.

I'm not yet a Debian Developer, but my application is in the queue,
and I'm assaying to become the maintainer of the orphaned package
xmailtool, as well as the upstream maintainer.

But I'm wondering if I'll be wasting my time, and could better
contribute elsewise.  So I wonder:

Is anybody using xmailtool?
If not, is it because of a lack of features, so might if it had ...?
Is anyone interested in an X MUA that is not bundled in a browser?

I think that replies need not take up -user bandwidth, so please
just reply to me, not all (not cc: -user).  If anyone is interested
in what kind of response I get, I'll be glad to summarize.
Bolan.Meek@wcom.com 972-729-5387
bolan@koyote.com (home phone on request)
RE: xmailtool http://www.koyote.com/users/bolan/xmailtool/index.html
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