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"Security" fix for shadow in sarge (#356939) 3.1r3 lkdi status [D-I] Preparing for update in stable - resumed (was: 3.1r3 lkdi status) [Ping] Re: BinNMU to get rid of libtasn1-2 dependencies [ Bug#378484: Roundup server does not setgid to specified GID when starting as root] Re: Addition to frozen packages Are manual binary NMUs evil? Re: AW: Re: Bug#376387: loopback interface not loaded Re: bin-NMU request: reiserfsprogs Binary NMU for python-gammu BinNMU to get rid of libtasn1-2 dependencies Re: Bug present in Debian 3.1 stable Re: Bug#342545: qt-x11-free FTBFS on hppa (again) Re: Bug#372115: Last security update of postgresql-contrib breaks database replication with Re: Bug#373854: libtiff-tools: DSA 1091-1 broke tiffsplit Bug#378714: vlan: installing package breaks proxy-arp config [sarge] Changes to freeze hints cool stuff at EDOS - collaboration ideas D-I Beta 3 - release planning Re: D-I Beta 3 - release update - please test D-I Beta 3 preparation - please update 2.6.16 kernel udebs D-I Beta3 preparation - Udeb sync Decision about oot-modules for etch Re: Re: Erich Schubert: SELinux support is a release goal for etch getting erlang into testing Getting octaviz into testing glibc status for Etch Re: gnome-screensaver testing status. Fwd: goobox REMOVED from testing Help ntp into testing Hint for iso-codes Hint requests - let's start on D-I Beta3 how to cleanly get rid of exim 3 for etch? Intend to fix #282492 (iproute) for stable keeping old library versions in testing libbluetooth transition (was: Re: [Pkg-bt] Unnecessary renaming of development package) libgtop transition Linux 2.6.16 for testing LSB 3.1 status for etch LSB 3.1 status for etch? NFSv4 Not very happy with new directfb upload out of date on hppa: swapspace (from 1.6-1) Re: patch and nmu Please accept packages to proposed-updates Re: Please accept packages to proposed-updates (Round 2) Please binNMU pango1.0 and cdebconf Re: Please give back goffice 0.2.1-4 on arm, hppa, sparc Please hint xulrunner Please remove autopartkit from testing please schedule binNMUs on all archs for libsdl1.2 Re: Please unblock testing migration of postgresql-7.4 Re: Proposal for public announcement for the next release update r-base, rpy hint needed Re: Reclaiming automake Re: release update: Etch 4.0, Blockers and Goals, Arch status, kernel 2.4, etc Removing 2.2 kernel packages from 'testing' RFC on gnome-python-extras circular build-dep Re: rssh_2.2.3-1.sarge.2 package with command line parsing fixed. s390 uninstallability review Scheduling linux-2.6.16 2.6.16-17 Secure APT Key Management sparc uninstallability review sparc32 and sparc64-only packages speedy-cgi-perl binNMU for sarge/amd64 Status of sarge-proposed-updates new queue (was: [sarge] Fixing #325971 in gnutls11) Suggest urgency hint for gimp/2.2.12-1 Summary: Secure APT Key Management temporary oot-modules for 2.6.16 Re: Timeline for r3 Re: timezone variable not set correctly, bug blocking LSB Conformance Transition to directfb unblock mdadm 2.5.2-7 Fwd: Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 Update of wzdftpd 0.5.2-1.1sarge1 for 3.1r3 urgency of kdegames and kdeedu uploads xzgv urgency bump required due to security fix The last update was on 08:10 GMT Sun May 19. There are 264 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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