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Re: Erich Schubert: SELinux support is a release goal for etch

* Javier Fernandez-Sanguino Pen~a (jfs@computer.org) [060702 19:49]:
> The Debian Security Manual does not currently have a section on SELinux, 
> it is only mentioned, in passing at the "Adding kernel patches"  section [1]
> I would gladly add a separate section on SElinux to the Manual if 
> somebody from the team would write one. It doesn't have to be 
> excessively detailed, it could maybe be written based on Manoj's [2] or 
> Russel's [3] pages. But somebody has to do it (maybe even talk to Manoj 
> to get him to attach a proper license to this brief HOWTO so that it can 
> be reused in the Manual)

Why not put something on SELinux in the release notes, provided we
actually finish SELinux enough? (As a starter, perhaps just forward your
mail to the bugs.d.o for the packages release-notes).


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