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Re: Please unblock testing migration of postgresql-7.4

* Martin Pitt (mpitt@debian.org) [060716 18:51]:
> The reason for not going into testing for so long is trouble on mips
> and mipsel. Please see [2] for details. This continues to be unsolved,
> but I worked around the problem for now by having mips and mipsel
> binaries for postgresql-7.4 removed from testing and unstable. Now
> only [3] needs to be done (removing mipsen binaries for
> postgresql-plruby and plr, and probably postgresql-pljava) until
> postgresql-7.4 can finally enter testing.

Well, I blocked it because britney was unhappy anyways, and that was on
a day were britney OOMed multiple times, so I wanted to safe time and

As the mips*-binaries are broken anyways, I'll just ignore the breakage
for now. Thanks for your mail.


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