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Re: Decision about oot-modules for etch

Steve Langasek wrote:
> I don't see anything of the sort stated there, and it's not the kernel
> team's place to disallow such packages anyway.

I asked waldi for explaining this 'unsupported idea' which svenl was
indicating in the mentioned mail. waldi explained me in that IRC
discussion at the end of june, that they (the kernel-team) will
recommend to RM to not allow other (oot?) modules for etch at all.
According to your answer, this seems not to have happened (already?).

Well, and my original mail has only the intention to get precise
information about those different things beeing said from different
persons wrt/ oot-modules in etch. I do that some time in advance so that
I will have time enough to react and adapt for having everything ready
for etch. Atm, I've the impression, that this is not taken as a serious
effort. After these few mails, I'm none the wiser now.

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