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Re: Please unblock testing migration of postgresql-7.4

Martin Pitt wrote:
> Hi Debian release team,
> according to [1] postgresql-7.4 has recently been blocked to go into
> testing. However, the current testing version is months old and has
> open security holes, so it is crucial that Etch is not released with
> 7.4.9.
> The reason for not going into testing for so long is trouble on mips
> and mipsel. Please see [2] for details. This continues to be unsolved,
> but I worked around the problem for now by having mips and mipsel
> binaries for postgresql-7.4 removed from testing and unstable. Now
> only [3] needs to be done (removing mipsen binaries for
> postgresql-plruby and plr, and probably postgresql-pljava) until
> postgresql-7.4 can finally enter testing.
> Please unblock the testing migration. Thank you for your
> consideration!
> Please do not hesitate to ask me any further questions (you can also
> IRC-ping me, I'm pitti in #d-d).

FWIW, I tried a build with today's unstable on mips, after enabling
the server packages again. There was one failure in the testsuite:

test geometry             ... ok
test horology             ... failed (ignored)
test insert               ... ok
test create_function_1    ... ok
     polymorphism         ... ok
test stats                ... ok
============== shutting down postmaster               ==============

 92 of 93 tests passed, 1 failed test(s) ignored.

The resulting sever packages installed fine, no obvious failure
(but OTOH I don't know what a serious test would be).


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