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Re: Fwd: Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

also sprach Jason Self <jason.self@gmail.com> [2006.07.27.1901 +0200]:
> And, as Brian Durant pointed out, this isn't just about the iMac G5
> but also the Power Mac G5 (PowerMac 9.1) as well. In fact, Debian
> chokes on most of Apple's newer PowerPC machines. I and many others
> had been looking to Etch as a solution, but it won't provide one with
> 2.6.17 and I'm not looking forward to the potential of waiting through
> the lifetime of another stable release before gaining support.
> It's important, IMHO, that 2.6.17 _not_ be selected as the default
> kernel but rather 2.6.18 (or later) for the reasons discussed on
> debian-powerpc... even if that means delaying the release of Etch.

With all due respect, but I oppose to delaying etch because of
powerpc sound problems. If we get 2.6.18 ready by October, so be it,
but if not, then it's either no cookie for powerpc, or a separate
powerpc release of etch a bit later.

Don't forget that it was liw who bribed Apple to use broken hardware
just so he would stand a slight chance at not having to get
a tattoo.

And please do not cross-post messages.

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