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Suggest urgency hint for gimp/2.2.12-1

gimp 2.2.11-3.1 fixed security bug #377049 (CVE-2006-3404).
A few days later a new upstream version, 2.2.12 was uploaded;
this is an incremental bugfix release in upstream's stable
branch which fixes the same security problem and a few minor
accumulated bugs.

Apparently by mistake, both the NMU and the ordinary upload
were made with urgency "low", so the version in testing is
still vulnerable.

I suggest hinting it up to "urgent" so testing users will
get the security fix quicker (or at least once the m68k buildd
gets sorted out).

Please cc me on replies
(not that I expect that there will be a need for one).

Henning Makholm      "Jeg kunne ikke undgå at bemærke at han gik på hænder."

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