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Re: Please accept packages to proposed-updates

(updates handled by the SRM team)

> Not checked too.
> We have a nice backlog. We go as fast as possible, but are currently
> slowed down because some stuff depends on ftp-master will.

Is there some reason for not having at least one SRM team member in
the ftpmaster team?

I have recently directly seen that SRM team work being slowed down by
needed actions from the ftpmasters and I can certify that the requests
I have witnessed from the SRM team to the ftpmasters seem to have
fallen to something that looks like a black hole.

I'm not in ftpmaster-bashing mode here....first because "bashing" is a
word that I dislike a lot and second because I think that difficulties
like this one usually have a perfectly normal reason.

In the general long-term tendency we currently have for improving all
critical teams work, I think that there's something that should be
done here.

Delegating a part of the ftpmaster power to the SRM team and also
probably the security team seems to be seomthing that could at least
temporarily solve such a problem.....waiting for possibly "cleaner"
solutions for the long term.

(moving to -project)

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