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Re: RFC on gnome-python-extras circular build-dep

* Loïc Minier (lool+debian@via.ecp.fr) [060705 14:50]:
>  2) reupload gnome-python without the new compatibility depends, reopen
>     the RC, build gnome-python-extras 2.14.0-2, reupload gnome-python
>     with the compatibility depends
>  It seems to me all three solutions are ugly, but I'm in favor of 2)
>  because we lived without a Depends for some months and the Depends
>  should be removed when packages have updated their deps anyway.

Is 2) only an issue of users of testing/unstable, or also of stable?
Anyways, this seems the least worse to me also, but I'm a bit
disconneted right now, so perhaps wait for other people's input as well.


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