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Re: RFC on gnome-python-extras circular build-dep


On Wed, Jul 05, 2006, Andreas Barth wrote:
> Is 2) only an issue of users of testing/unstable, or also of stable?
> Anyways, this seems the least worse to me also, but I'm a bit
> disconneted right now, so perhaps wait for other people's input as well.

 I'm not sure on how you imagine it could affect stable.  Here's how I
 see it:

 The real goal is to update dependencies of packages which currently
 depend only on python-gnome2 to depend on python-gnome2-extras and/or
 python-gnome2.  This is because the source was split in two modules

 To achieve this goal, Ubuntu simply fixed all dependencies, but after
 discussion with HE, and considering the number of RCs which have been
 filed as a result of the split, it has been decided to go for the
 compatibility depends (which caused the build-dependency loop).  These
 compatibility deps are only there to let us the time to update
 dependencies of other packages.

 The sub-goal which we're discussing now is about building
 gnome-python-extras + gnome-python so that they can enter testing.

 I think both goals are short-term, so in etch we should have all
 packages transitionned to the split modules.

 Solution 2 is just one of the way to achieve the sub-goal, and should
 only take something like 10 days, the time to build python-gnome-extras
 on all arches at least once, then it can be reverted.

 I hope this clarifies the situation.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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