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Decision about oot-modules for etch


as stated in [0], waldi is working on an oot-module conglomeration
package to solve NEW spamming for oot-module packages when the kernel
ABI is bumped.

As stated in [1], there are though about to not allow other oot-modules
in main outside of the conglomeration package for etch.

As discussed on IRC at the end of june with aba and HE, they are in
favour to dropp those modules from the release-team point of view.

Now, I would like to have a definitive statement for that to get
everything prepared for etch (basically the ipw packages[2]). This
means, a decision of the kernel-team and the release-team is required.
Atm, there are the following questions open:

  * What is the ETA for the linux-modules-extra package in the archive?

  * Will be oot-modules in main outside of the linux-modules-extra be
    removed by the release-team for etch?

  * Will there be something similar for contrib modules too (e.g.

  * If no conglomeration package for contrib modules, will oot-modules
    of contrib be removed by the release-team for etch?

  * If contrib oot-modules outside of a conglomeration packages will not
    be removed, will it be possible to have updates to the usual
    conditions for point-releases, or, will this be refused for
    oot-modules of contrib given no contrib-conglomeration package is


[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2006/06/msg00438.html
[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-kernel/2006/06/msg00441.html

[2] The ipw drivers are in the kernel mainline (ipw3945 will hopefully
    follow soon). Given that Intel does lack several weeks to month
    behind with the integration of their independent release drivers
    into mainline, it is nice to have those drivers as oot-modules too
    in the archive (especially for later backporting once etch is
    released and without the need of using a backported kernel too).
    Therefore, a decision is required for me, otherwise I'm not going
    to do potentially useless work to convert them to oot when they will
    be removed in a month or two anyway.

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