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Re: s390 uninstallability review

* Bastian Blank [Mon, 17 Jul 2006 00:13:05 +0200]:

> I did some review of the remaining uninstallable packages for s390.


> - ejabberd 0.9.1-2 ejabberd (s390) uninstallable
>   fixed in unstable, needs erlang update

Waiting for #377877.

> - gsynaptics 0.9.7-1 gsynaptics (s390) uninstallable
>   not available driver, xorg-server unbuilt

> - ibod 1.5.0-4 ibod (s390) uninstallable
>   isdnbutton 2.6-970413-14 isdnbutton (s390) uninstallable
>   isdnutils not available, needs arch removal

> - qsynaptics 0.22.0-3 qsynaptics (s390) uninstallable
>   not available driver, xorg-server unbuilt

Ok. I see qsynaptics is in Not-For-Us, that is the case for ibod and
gsynaptics as well, I guess?

Also, will you file bugs against ftp.debian.org to get the already
existing binaries removed? (Maybe you already did and they still haven't
been processed, apologies if that's the case.)

> - xorg 1:7.0.22 xserver-xorg-video-all (s390) uninstallable
>   xorg-server is not built

This one need not be uninstallable because of that. I'd suggest working
with the XFS to have the package not depend on xserver-xorg-video-dummy
on s390, or make xserver-xorg-video-dummy an empty package on s390.

> - kernel-latest-2.4-s390 2.4.27-1sarge1 kernel-headers-2.4-s390 (s390) uninstallable
>   kernel-latest-2.4-s390 2.4.27-1sarge1 kernel-image-2.4-s390 (s390) uninstallable
>   kernel-latest-2.4-s390 2.4.27-1sarge1 kernel-image-2.4-s390x (s390) uninstallable
>   flagged for removal

I fail to see where, sorry. Another yet-unprocessed bug against ftp.d.o?


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