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Re: s390 uninstallability review

On Monday 17 July 2006 12:25, Bastian Blank wrote:
> > > - kernel-latest-2.4-s390 2.4.27-1sarge1 kernel-headers-2.4-s390
> > > (s390) uninstallable kernel-latest-2.4-s390 2.4.27-1sarge1
> > > kernel-image-2.4-s390 (s390) uninstallable kernel-latest-2.4-s390
> > > 2.4.27-1sarge1 kernel-image-2.4-s390x (s390) uninstallable flagged
> > > for removal
> >
> > I fail to see where, sorry. Another yet-unprocessed bug against
> > ftp.d.o?
> Flagged in-brain. It needs to wait for the d-i beta3.

The real problem here is that the latest security updates in stable have 
not been installed for unstable/testing too for packages that don't have 
a more recent version there.
Solving that problem would also fix the uninstallability of these meta 
packages. Quite a few other packages are affected too.

This is a known issue since the changes in p-u handling implemented just 
before the Sarge r2 release which needs to be fixed by aj.

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