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Re: Not very happy with new directfb upload

On Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 04:01:04PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:

> I do not want to blame you or anything, but I do need your help to get 
> things sorted out.

> You uploaded a new upstream version of directfb a few days ago (or rather, 
> it was accepted a few days ago), and I'm afraid that looks likely to 
> completely mess up the Beta 3 release plans for the installer.

> Reason is that libcairo still depends on -24 and thus d-i builds currently 
> fail as that version is no longer available.
> Also, this means that the new directfb has to migrate to testing before we 
> can release d-i, which in turn means that all packages that depend on 
> directfb have to be able to migrate.

> Did you already contact the maintainers of packages that depend on 
> directfb?
> Who is managing the transition?
> When do you think everything could be ready to migrate to testing?

He did request approval for this transition on debian-release earlier in the
month, and there were no objections raised:

So based on the fact that the transition was expected to be possible using
binNMUs only, I gave him my approval off-list (on IRC).

The binNMUs have all been scheduled now, but the biggest problem looks like
it will be that this version of directfb has FTBFS on powerpc.  Guillem, do
you know about this?

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