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sparc uninstallability review


I'll do as Bastian and list packages currently uninstallable on sparc in
- asterisk 1: asterisk-bristuff (sparc) uninstallable
  asterisk 1: asterisk-classic (sparc) uninstallable
Built in unstable, but failed on arm with a weird error.

- asterisk-oh323 0.7.3-2+b1 asterisk-oh323 (sparc) uninstallable
Depends on the former.

- ejabberd 0.9.1-2 ejabberd (sparc) uninstallable
Same as s390, needs erlang update.

- hwinfo 8.38-5 hwinfo (sparc) uninstallable
Still FTBFS in unstable.

- kernel-latest-2.4-sparc 42sarge2 ...
Same as s390.

- kmymoney2 0.8.3-1 kmymoney2 (sparc) uninstallable
Seems to be Installed now, although there's no log on buildd.d.o.

- ktrack 0.3.0-alpha1-8+b1 ktrack (sparc) uninstallable
Should be requeued.

- linphone 1.2.0-3 liblinphone1 (sparc) uninstallable
  and friends
Built, just needs an upload.

- libsdl-erlang 0.95.0630-1.1 libsdl-erlang (sparc) uninstallable
Same as ejabberd.

- totem 1.2.1-4 libtotem-plparser-dev (sparc) uninstallable
Needs to be built on alpha arm m68k (dep-wait libxul0d (>=

- music-applet 0.9.2-2 music-applet (sparc) uninstallable
Waits on totem.

- python-visual 3.2.1-4 python-visual (sparc) uninstallable
Seems to need a binNMU to be built against libboost-python1.33.1 instead
of libboost-python1.33.0c2a.

- rhythmbox 0.9.5-1 rhythmbox (sparc) uninstallable
Waits on totem.

- sbcl 1: sbcl (sparc) uninstallable
Fixed in unstable, 7 days old.

- slmon 0.5.13-2.1 slmon (sparc) uninstallable
Needs to be binNMUed against libgtop2-2 instead of libgtop2-5 (other
arches have already been binNMUed).

- sound-juicer 2.12.3-4 sound-juicer (sparc) uninstallable
Needs to be requeued.

- stalin 0.9+0.10alpha2-1 stalin (sparc) uninstallable
FTBFS - failure in the test-suite.

- totem 1.2.1-4 totem-gstreamer (sparc) uninstallable
  totem 1.2.1-4 totem-xine (sparc) uninstallable
As explained above, needs builds on alpha and arm.

- vcs-tree 0.2.2-4 vcs-tree (sparc) uninstallable
Needs sbcl to be fixed.

- wings3d 0.98.29b-2 wings3d (sparc) uninstallable
Waits for erlang.

- writerperfect 0.7.1-2+b2 wpd2sxw (sparc) uninstallable
Needs to be binNMUed: libgsf-1-113 -> libgsf-1-114

- xmms-msa 0.5.5-4 xmms-msa (sparc) uninstallable
Needs binNMU to drop dependency on xlibs (already done on other archs).

- xorg 1:7.0.22 xserver-xorg-video-all (sparc) uninstallable
Depends on drivers not built on sparc, fixed in svn, so should be ok
with the next upload.

- yaws 1.57-1 yaws (sparc) uninstallable
Waits on erlang.

That's it.

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