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Re: Not very happy with new directfb upload

On Monday 31 July 2006 19:32, Guillem Jover wrote:
> No problem. Anyway I'm sorry for the delay, as I left for 4 days or so
> and was expecting to have net access. Also I asked for the transition
> taking into account d-i, but missed the fact that libcairo was used by
> it, and thought that the whole g-i was using the old forked 0.9.22.

Yes, that is possibly why I missed it too.
g-i does still use 0.9.22, but we never forked libcairo as it wasn't a 

> This raises the issue that the libcairo udeb probably should not be
> using the latest one in sid (until g-i moves back to it), or g-i will
> end up linking against two different directfb versions.

I already tested current g-i (using old libs) with a libcairo compiled 
against 0.9.25 and I saw no problems. Either we just don't hit those 
codepaths, or libcairo only uses symbols that are still compatible...

Anyway, the plan is to release Beta3 with with the old libs and switch to 
the new libs in unstable soon after. This is possible now that Joss has 
uploaded gtk+2.0 with new udebs, but a bit too new untested to include in 
the release.

Thanks for uploading the new version. I just saw that that has built 
correctly for powerpc.

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