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Re: speedy-cgi-perl binNMU for sarge/amd64

On Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 08:51:48PM +0300, Niko Tyni wrote:

> the speedy-cgi-perl package in sarge/amd64 needs a recompile. As reported
> in #326201 and #374258, it was compiled against libperl 5.8.4-1, which
> had a DynaLoader compatibility problem (#247291) reverted in 5.8.4-2.

> As a result of this the sarge/amd64 package is unusable. Other archs are
> OK, as they weren't compiled with the problematic libperl version. So
> this does not affect the official stable release.

> I'm aware that sarge/amd64 is not an official release, but it would be
> nice to have this fixed nevertheless. Could somebody please schedule
> a binNMU or tell me where to ask for one? 

You'd need to ask the maintainers of the sarge autobuilders for amd64. 
These are not managed out of the central Debian wanna-build.

> (I first tried debian-amd64, and they pointed me here. Thanks, Goswin :)

Er, if debian-amd64 doesn't get you to them, I have no idea what list does.

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