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Re: RFC on gnome-python-extras circular build-dep

On Wed, Jul 05, 2006 at 02:49:44PM +0200, Loïc Minier <lool+debian@via.ecp.fr> wrote:
>         Hi,
>  As discussed yesterday on IRC, there's a problem with the circular
>  build-deps of gnome-python-extras.  gnome-python-extras build-deps on
>  python-gnome2-dev which depends on python-gnome2 which depends on
>  python-gnome2-extras; the problem is caused by a conflict between the
>  old python-gnome2-extras which depends on mozilla-browser, and the new
>  one which build-depends on libxul-dev.
>  The circular build-deps appeared with gnome-python 2.12.4-2 where I
>  added a compatibiliy Depends to temporarily downgrade RC bugs: packages
>  which used to depend on python-gnome2 should update their deps to also
>  depend on python-gnome2-extras.
>  The conflict appeared with gnome-python-extras 2.14.0-2 where I moved
>  from mozilla to libxul-dev.
>  Here are the proposed solutions:
>  1) request buildd admins to handle this manually, by forcing the build
>     of gnome-python-extras 2.14.0-2 without gnome-python-extras
>     installed or without mozilla-browser installed
>  2) reupload gnome-python without the new compatibility depends, reopen
>     the RC, build gnome-python-extras 2.14.0-2, reupload gnome-python
>     with the compatibility depends
>  3) reupload gnome-python-extras without any libxul / mozilla build-deps
>     and deps, build it, then reupload one with libxul-dev build-dep and
>     deps readded; this should build since there won't be any conflict
>     anymore

Naive Solution: (haven't looked at the issue closely)
   4) Add proper build-conflicts and versioned build-dependencies.

Wouldn't that work out something ?


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