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Hint requests - let's start on D-I Beta3

Please hint the following packages that have both udebs and regular 
binaries. I will coordinate the migration of udebs and udeb-only packages 
with jvw after these have gone in.

Please check if the hints are correct.

# Too young (5 days) but needed for cdebconf
urgent atk1.0/1.12.1-1
# Too young because of binNMU
urgent cdebconf/0.104+b1
# Too young (8 days), but only minor change in last release.
urgent glib2.0/2.10.3-3

# Most will go in immediately, a couple in 1 or 2 days
unblock cryptsetup/2:1.0.3-3
unblock eject/2.1.4-2.1
unblock installation-report/2.17
unblock iso-codes/0.52-1
unblock libdebian-installer/0.43
unblock parted/1.7.1-2.1
unblock reiserfsprogs/1:3.6.19-3
unblock ttf-freefont/20060501cvs-8
unblock user-setup/1.3
unblock xfsprogs/2.8.4-1

# Latest version of nano & zlib not yet built on m68k
# Will available versions migrate for m68k?
unblock nano/1.3.12-2
# m68k has 1.3.12-1 (1.3.11-3 in testing)
unblock zlib/1:1.2.3-13
# m68k has 1:1.2.3-12 (1:1.2.3-11 in testing)


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