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Re: Fwd: Upcoming Release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0

maximilian attems wrote:
> > No, it is not. As you may have noticed, we had a release update a few
> > days ago, telling people that we're currently planning to release with
> > 2.6.17. Though we're aware that it might be needed to update the kernel
> > in October, the current upstream release quality is not something we
> > want to rely on. 
> the last announcement by the release team was coordinated with d-kernel
> and said 2.6.17 or higher.
> also if you look at the mails of fjp and aba, they all state that the
> Sarge Debian kernel freeze was too long and if things get coordinated
> with d-i an newer kernel is fine.
> we are about to stabilize 2.6.17, although we won't backport 2.6.18
> stuff, as from the timing 2.6.18 looks good. 2.6.18 has features for
> several archs ppc, amd64 (smp alternatives), sparc (sbus sysfs) plus
> big sata/acpi merge.

AFAIU you on IRC we agreed to keep 2.6.17 with the necessary backports
as a plan B release candidate. Did I misunderstand you, or did you
change your mind?


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