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xzgv urgency bump required due to security fix


 My NMU for xzgv got set urgency to high because of its fix of a long
outstanding security RC fix.  Due to the same long outstandingness it
got removed from testing in the meantime, so to the testing script it's
a NEW package and it ignores the urgency.

 Would it be possible to bump the transition for it for the sake of
testing users that are having the old vulnerable package still installed
from before it got removed?  I made sure that the changes to the package
were minor (only the security fix got applied and a small mime handling

 Would be really nice, testing users will be greatful, I'm sure. :)
Aber der Aufwand Linux zu installieren und vim zu lernen ist *IMMER*
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                                  -- Jens Benecke [2001-06-02]

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