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Fwd: goobox REMOVED from testing

for some reason I do not fully understand, goobox was removed from
testing. I rebuild goobox both in an up to date (2006-07-02) ia32 sid
changeroot and amd64 testing system. Both builds succeed and some
testing does not reveal any show-stopper bugs. On the ia32 build there
is however a strange message during build (reported as #376351).

During operation, there are also some (unexpected) console outputs,
but these happen also on the prebuild (pre-removal) binaries. I will
investigate them later.

Is there any activity expected from the maintainers at this point or do
Bin-NMUs need to be scheduled (please do so in this case)?

I'll be offline for about a week, but afterwards I can prepare a new 
version if necessary (looking at the console messages, updating to
latest standards and similar house keeping work) which I had put off
until next upstream release (which IMHO has not happend so far).



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