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Re: release update: Etch 4.0, Blockers and Goals, Arch status, kernel 2.4, etc

Mike Hommey wrote:
> The problem here is that the buildd in question is running a 64bit
> kernel while building 32bit binaries. The same problem would happen if
> building i386 binaries on amd64 buildds. Now my question is: could these
> bugs be treated ignore-etch ? It's indeed RC, but is it release blocker
> that all packages in etch can be built this way ? If it is the case,
> someone with an amd64 or a sparc64 or anything that can do bi-arch
> should try to build the whole archive to find those packages that have
> the problem.

FWIW, Martin Michlmayr did that a while ago on a mips64 machine, with
surprisingly few problems showing up.

OTOH, there's always the workaround of building with linux32.


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