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Re: temporary oot-modules for 2.6.16

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Do you mean ftp team approval?  The RMs have nothing to do with approving
> packages out of NEW.

ftp-team requested approval from RM since there is still no (public?)
policy about oot-modules for etch.

Or a bit longer:

The absolutely great idea of the kernel-team is that linux-modules-extra
will conglomerate all oot-modules of main, so that with special
treatment of this very package, the NEW queue will not always be doomed
with currently about 100 oot-modules x $arch_count package approvals
(there is no auto-approve for buildd-uploads of oot-modules whose source
package was already accepted).

However, the idea goes further, that all oot-modules which are not part
of linux-modules-extra will be not allowed at all in etch to keep
point-releases simple.

But, since this is all vapourware atm, I asked to be allowed to have
temporary packages of squashfs and unionfs in the archive, so that we
can built images of testing in the meanwhile. Once, there is a policy or
 linux-modules-extra entered the archive, these two packages will be

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