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Re: Bug#372115: Last security update of postgresql-contrib breaks database replication with DBMirror.pl

Hi debian-release,

Martin Pitt [2006-07-06 12:16 +0200]:
> Moritz Muehlenhoff [2006-07-06  0:10 +0200]:
> > > Ok, fine for me. So shall I upload to s-p-u now?
> > 
> > Please go ahead and keep debian-release@lists.debian.org posted.
> Alright, I uploaded to s-p-u and added d-r@ to CC. For your
> convenience, I attach the final debdiff again.

Hmm, I need help here. I tried two uploads to
{stable,sarge}-proposed-updates and both were rejected. Any help?

Thank you,


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