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glibc status for Etch


The toolchain freeze begins the 30th of July, in a few days... I have just uploaded a new version of the glibc, version 2.3.6-16.

It will be a few days late for the freeze, but I would like you to consider it for Etch. It has the latest (small) changes we would like to see in Etch, and also it fixes an FTBFS on powerpc. The FTBFS on m68k is not fixed, but I think it is related to another package (binutils ?).

Otherwise the glibc package is in a relative good shape. We failed to push version 2.4 into Etch, mainly because linuxthreads was dropped from upstream and needed a some work. It will be easier in Etch+1 because we won't have to support 2.4 kernels. This way we have a glibc in Etch that has already been tested for months, we can consider it stable :-)

It would be nice to know the criteria to get changes into the glibc during the freeze. Does it only concerns RC bugs? What about important bugs which only need a very small patch of a few lines? There is a lot of such bugs in the glibc, but each bug need a lot of time to find which lines to changes. And we will have time to do that during the freeze :-)

I am going in holidays for three weeks (my plane is in a few hours), without Internet access. I will try however to find an Internet cafe one or twice a week, to read my mails and get the status of the glibc. But I won't be able to make any changes. Therefore, it will be nice if someone from the release team or the glibc team (but it seems we are all busy/in holidays) could monitor the status of the glibc to make sure the version 2.3.6-16 get into Etch.


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