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Re: Timeline for r3

On Friday 30 June 2006 23:08, Frans Pop wrote:
> Dann has today uploaded the kernel udeb packages for all arches, except
> for AMD64 (as that has not yet been released by the security team).
> Most of them are currently in NEW, all need to be approved for proposed
> updates. When that has happened, I can upload d-i for a rebuild.
> Martin: can you coordinate the processing of the packages into p-u?

Most of the new kernel udeb packages are now in p-u, except for those that 
did not have to go through NEW:

> linux-kernel-di-arm
> linux-kernel-di-i386
> linux-kernel-di-i386-2.6
> linux-kernel-di-m68k
> linux-kernel-di-mips
> linux-kernel-di-mipsel
> linux-kernel-di-powerpc

Please approve these for p-u ASAP.

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