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(no subject) /usr symlink 19990312 Debian GNU/Hurd status [ Re: Settle for /usr symlink (!)] alternate keymaps anonymous CVS access Re: booting problems Clobbered Swap Partition Cross-Compiled Hurd Upload Difficulties cross-install problem (/boot/servers.boot got moved) fd/4 problem understood and various other small nits gcc_2.91.60-2.1.deb package GNU Mach *lite* for people with hardware problems groff and man grub-0.5.90 is released HURD installation and checkout from gnu-19990104.tar.gz Hurd on my i486 won't boot Hurd technical questions (Mach, SMP, etc) Installation guide updated a little sketching is better than a long talk Microkernels (was Re: Sparc port?) Networking update Networking: how to? new cross install script packager folk please pay attention Report of the first try Re: Settle for /usr symlink (!) Settle for /usr symlink (!) (was: Re: [ Hurd bug fix] somme help Sparc port? Status of Debian developers? Re: Success, to some extent System requirements thanks all Re: third attempt of an idiot? Trying to compile screen on HURD Unidentified subject! Uploaded glibc 2.1.1-0pre1.3 (hurd-i386) to gnu Uploaded inetutils 1.3.2-1 (source hurd-i386) to gnu The last update was on 08:08 GMT Sat May 11. There are 166 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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