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Re: HURD installation and checkout from gnu-19990104.tar.gz

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 02:01:17PM -0600, Gavin Lewis wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 08:10:20PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > > Upgrading the "essential" packages to the latest versions as of this date
> > > (March 7th) does not cure any of the above ills and makes login no longer
> > > recognize passwords as valid.
> > 
> > Do NOT install the login package. Do not install other base packages than
> > the ones in the tar file, if you don't know what you do. Reinstall hurd to
> > fix the login problem.
> I have the login problem narrowed down -- installing gnumach 1.1.90-2
> and hurd 19990212-2 makes login not recognize the passwords.

Mmmh. This is strange. Maybe someone else can comment on this?
> A few other things I just ran into:
> On boot, /libexec/rc complains about /sbin/syslogd and /sbin/inetd not
> being there -- I'm assuming this is because they're part of packages
> marked essential that are not on the system.

This is because they are not yet part of any package. Well, you could try
the inetutils package from alpha.gnu.org, but it's very alpha.
> Perl-base is marked as "essential" in cross-install and yet is not installed
> in the tarball.

This is because the tar file predates all packaged perl versions. I
installed a manually put together tar file of perl in the tar file. Now we
have real perl packages, and you can just install them (they should
overwrite the perl in the tar file).

> Oddly enough, hitting control-alt-delete at the login> prompt freezes up
> the terminal.

Hu? That sounds like a bug in GNU Mach to me.
> These aren't really installation problems, though. Shall I just start 
> filing bug reports, assuming any of these aren't filed already?

Exactly. However, if you are not very sure about a bug, you can mail
directly to bug-hurd@gnu.org first.
> (I've tried installing the HURD from packages on ftp.debian.org
>  and "cross-install" ala the Guide and ran into various problems,
>  but I don't have them summarized yet.)

cross-install should work just fine, be sure to use the latest version of
the script (1.4).


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