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HURD installation and checkout from gnu-19990104.tar.gz

I just finished installing the HURD from the Easy Guide and the
gnu-19990104.tar.gz tarball.

Some observations:

The guide does not mention that the tarball is already set up as per
section seven -- native-install script already run, ttys set up.

Running export TERM=mach on first boot seems to be a very bad idea --
typed commands aren't seen after doing this.

The guide should explain the (hd[number],[letter]) convention as used in 

Running the system:

On multiuser boot (no flags -- perhaps I need -m?), / is read-only, which
greatly confuses the bootup process.

Creating /dev/hd0s3 (my Linux partition) with MAKEDEV and setting a
translator for /linux pointing to it succeeds, but accessing /linux
makes the translator die with a "cannot map whole disk" message.

Oddly enough, mounting /linux as /dev/hd0s4 (my HURD partition) works,
but /linux/linux acts very strangely -- ls sees /linux/linux, ls -l doesn't,
and actually accessing /linux/linux makes the translator die with a
"cannot map whole disk" message, again.

Vi doesn't work -- freezes on startup, ^C goes back to the shell.

Dpkg thinks the system architecture is i386 -- it should be hurd-i386.

The login message identifies the system as "Debian GNU/Linux".

Upgrading the "essential" packages to the latest versions as of this date
(March 7th) does not cure any of the above ills and makes login no longer
recognize passwords as valid.

* Gavin Lewis  zif@hax0r.org *

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