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Re: 19990312 Debian GNU/Hurd status

On Fri, Mar 12, 1999 at 09:15:08AM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> * Thomas and I will soon (i.e. before the year 2000) be releasing a
>   joint Debian/GNU snapshot of the Hurd.  This will be the first time
>   that the Debian package and the Hurd source snapshot will be totally
>   in sync, and the Debian packaging rules will be part of the official
>   Hurd distribution.

That's great. I hope I don't have to wait until december though, or I'll do
a NMU :)
> * After the Hurd packages, I need to compile and upload the latest
>   glibc, because Marcus Brinkmann needs several patches that are in it
>   to get sysvinit working on the Hurd.  This is harder for me than it
>   sounds, because I've been unable to boot the Hurd with any glibc
>   release since 2.0.112.

Oh. That's bad. An interim solution could be to backport the changes I need
to 2.0.110.

[web pages]
>   So, I've come up with a mostly-equivalent, but more portable layout
>   that people seem to like: the beginnings of it are in
>   http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd-noframes/

Looks great in lynx.

> * Roland, devnull, and I have done work with fun booting schemes
>   (Hurds within a Hurd, Hurds running with their root filesystem in a
>   file, Hurds running with their root filesystem as a subdirectory of
>   another partition).  What remains is to document the most useful of
>   these in the easy install guide.

I had my share of the fun, too, trying to get hurd inside hurd to work from
a disk file image (Roland can tell you the full story :) I still didn't get
it to work, but Roland reported it does work at least in gnu-0.2 (so you can
boot new inside old but not new inside new).
>   I expect that the most common way to install gnu-0.3 will be to
>   create a subdir in an existing Linux partition, plop the Debian
>   GNU/Hurd base set in there, use `e2os /dev/my-linux-partition hurd',
>   and set your servers.boot to use your Linux swap and the correct
>   subdir.  That's a no-partition install, and I want it to be
>   well-documented sometime soon.

I can imagine that some people would prefer not to change ownership of the
linux partition, but create a disk file image, so this should be documented,

> If you want to help with any of the above tasks, please do so!  Other
> than that, there are miscellaneous other things that should be done,
> but other people are taking care of them.

* Marcus is trying to get infrastructure in the running Hurd, and works on
  the glue between Hurd and Debian (dpkg, dpkg development environment, start
  up procedure etc). He also tries to get more people in the boat by
  hand holding people on IRC and by email installing the Hurd.

  My goal for 0.3 is to get all standard infrastructure on Debian workin
  (start-stop-daemon, update-rc.d), and to get dpkg-architecture support in
  the package building scripts. Also simplification of the install process
  by fixing bugs in the packages/install scripts.

> [BTW, could somebody who knows about Debian Weekly News please submit
> this message to Joey Hess (I'm not sure of the procedure)?  It'd be
> nice to get some mention in there again.]

I'll do this, but I would feel more comfortable with posting a list of
things we have done instead of things we need to do :)

The procedure is just to send an email to joeyh@debian.org.


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