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Re: Sparc port?

> I'd like to try out the Debian GNU/Hurd distribution. Is it
> possible to run this on a Sparc? If not, what's needed for
> this to be possible?

There is no sparc port of the Hurd.  The first thing required is a sparc
port of GNUmach.  Contact OKUJI Yoshinori <okuji@kmc.kyoto-u.ac.jp> for the
current gnumach sources and suggestions about porting.  There is an effort
underway to do an m68k port, I think largely based on the linux m68k port;
they might have suggestions if you want to take the approach of adapting
linux/sparc code for a mach port.

There may also be other sparc ports of mach done in the past that you could
find pieces of.  Look around the net.

Once Mach is ported, the main thing remaining is libc.  Since there is
already a sparc/linux port of glibc with dynamic linking support et al all
done, there is just the hurd-specific code to be done (mostly a small
amount of hair for signals).  Talk to me when you get there.

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