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Re: Installation guide updated


On Sat, Mar 06, 1999 at 03:14:54PM +0000, M.C. Vernon wrote:
> Hi,
> 	The vesion of the (renamed to) easy installation guide is
> available at 
> http://pick.sel.cam.ac.uk/~mcv21/hurd.html
> Please check for errors, etc. I've corrected all the errors I was aware
> of. I'll update the version on gnudist after waiting for feedback.

"You may make a swap partition too if you wish, or use your Linux one
 (in which case you need to modify your boot scripts, but I have no idea
 which ones to change)."

It was my understanding that Roland changed that: Hurd will now honour the
linux swap file structure and not destroy it. But I am not sure if this
change is in latest Debian package. Just keep an eye open for later.

     * alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus/cross-install.Z
     * alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus/native-install.Z
     * alpha.gnu.org/pub/gnu/hurd/contrib/marcus/dpkg-hurd.Z

My scripts are not compressed, especially not with a non-free compression

Same for this one:

"Should, however, you decide to ignore Hurd philosophy, and keep /usr as a
 separate directory, then you need to edit cross-install and comment out
 (put a # at the beginning of the relevant lines) the lines that create a symlink."

Wrong - cross install asks the user. No need to edit anything.

You need to mention that you must mount your hurd partition before starting
cross-install. Following your instructions, it is not clear that it should
be mounted at /gnu. I propose:

"Edit cross-install, using your editor of choice, and change the hostname
 to the name of your machine. Then mount the Hurd partition and run cross-install:
   mount /dev/hdb1 /gnu
   ./cross-install /gnu
   This may take a little time."

 "Also, a filesystem table is needed as /etc/fstab. At the moment, you need
  to create this by hand, so fire up your text editor, and make /gnu/etc/fstab look
  something like this:

   # /etc/fstab for pick.sel running Hurd
   # Format:
   # Disk device Mount point Format rw/ro dump fsckpassno
   /dev/hd1s1 / ext2 rw 1 1

   Replacing /dev/hd1s1 (which is equivalent to /dev/hdb1 under linux) with the Mach name of
   your root partition."

Remove this section w/o substitue. Latest native-install scripts create this
file automatically with correct device file.

"Eventually, you will get a prompt. First, get that nice Bourne again shell:

Why? The prompt already is a bash shell.

" The second pass through dpkg may well not
   configure everything, in which case just run the command again:
   dpkg --pending --configure"

Latest version of cross-install refuses to install too much packages, so
this should not be necessary. Please remove this paragraph.

"   Firstly, to make the mach terminal type the default in multi-user mode, edit
   /gnu/etc/ttys, and change the console terminal type from pc3 to mach."

This already is the default if you use cross-install. Please remove.


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