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Re: System requirements

Gordon Matzigkeit <gord@trick.fig.org> writes:

> >>>>> Roland McGrath writes:
>  >> * Will it run on a 386?
>  RM> Yes.
> ... but only if it has a floating-point coprocessor, because GNU
> Mach's current FP emulator is proprietary and broken. :(

Lo, and many moons ago, I made a wise decision, then.  Of course, I
have a *spare* 387 coprocessor.  386en really aren't worth much these

Thanks, all, I'll try to fix up the machine to the point where I can
put the Hurd on it.  I had sort of been waiting far a release to try
the Hurd again, but the recent discussions have been too interesting.
I'm going to be careful with the hardware; the cursed machine has
sentimental value now.


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