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Re: System requirements

> > Hmm.  You do need a default pager, even if you have no swap.
> Oh, a default swapper eh :)

The default pager (which is in the program /boot/serverboot) is the server
that provides paging to backing store as a service generically in the
system.  There is always just one default pager, even if there are multiple
swap devices.  

The magic token $(default-pager) in the boot script is what tells serverboot 
that it should in fact be the default pager.  The $(add-paging-file) magic
token tells it a swap partition to use, but the two are in fact independent.

I'm not able to try these out right now, so I can't tell you for sure
exactly what works; but I'll suggest some things for people to try, and
tell us how it goes.  It might work to just have a line:


in the boot script.  Or, it might work to have a line like:

dummy $(default-pager)

I'm pretty sure that it will work to add $(default-pager) to one of the
other (non-comment) lines in the boot script.  It should not hurt to have
$(default-pager) in more than one place, since it just sets a flag.

> How would one set that up ?  Can we document all this stuff somewhere ?

Indeed you can. :-)

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