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Re: HURD installation and checkout from gnu-19990104.tar.gz

On Sun, Mar 07, 1999 at 08:10:20PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> Most probably because your file system was not cleanly unmounted. Please run
> e2fsck (from Linux).

This fixes it.

I reinstalled the HURD from scratch just now.

> Probably the Linux partition is too big. Currently, there is a bug so Hurd
> can't process partitions > approx 1 GB.

This is the case (3.2 GB).

> Hehe. Recursive mounting :) I don't know if this can be checked. Probably
> it should. You could file a bug report against the Hurd package (or I can do
> that if you are not familiar with the BTS).

I'll do this.

> > Upgrading the "essential" packages to the latest versions as of this date
> > (March 7th) does not cure any of the above ills and makes login no longer
> > recognize passwords as valid.
> Do NOT install the login package. Do not install other base packages than
> the ones in the tar file, if you don't know what you do. Reinstall hurd to
> fix the login problem.

I have the login problem narrowed down -- installing gnumach 1.1.90-2
and hurd 19990212-2 makes login not recognize the passwords.

A few other things I just ran into:

On boot, /libexec/rc complains about /sbin/syslogd and /sbin/inetd not
being there -- I'm assuming this is because they're part of packages
marked essential that are not on the system.

Perl-base is marked as "essential" in cross-install and yet is not installed
in the tarball.

Oddly enough, hitting control-alt-delete at the login> prompt freezes up
the terminal.

These aren't really installation problems, though. Shall I just start 
filing bug reports, assuming any of these aren't filed already?

(I've tried installing the HURD from packages on ftp.debian.org
 and "cross-install" ala the Guide and ran into various problems,
 but I don't have them summarized yet.)

* Gavin Lewis  zif@hax0r.org *

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