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Re: Status of Debian developers?

On Mon, Mar 29, 1999 at 02:01:17AM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
[...status of glibc...]

> After a few days of testing to make sure nothing is seriously broken,
> we'll upload it to Debian.

Sounds great! [I'd prefer that you do the package]
>  MB> Will ldd work in the next glibc?
> I don't know if ldd will work or not.  With a new glibc package, many
> more people will be able to help us track this down even if it still
> doesn't work.

okay. if the patch Joel suggested works, this is unimportant anyway.
>  MB> * The archive needs to be cleaned up. I need to check if we have
>  MB> need for binary-all-hurd and binary-all-linux (I feel a need, but
>  MB> I need hard numbers)
> You already know that I don't like dpkg's architecture mechanism, and
> feel it will need to be rewritten anyway in terms of more generic ABI
> dependencies, but I support you in your effort to implement something
> that takes care of the immediate concerns.

Yes... however, touching dpkg is riskant (dpkg developers tend to fade and
vanish :). Nevertheless, Guy can implement the above approach, he just needs
to be convinced that this is necessary. If only two opr three packages are
affected, there is another solution (a kludge), but if I can point him to a
dozen or more packages, the other solution is preferable (numbers are from
top of my head). I have a list of all base packages, and need to extend this
now... this will take a few days. Until then, we have to document which
packages should be avoided. This should be in the easy guide and probably
the FAQ. Contact me for more details.
> Okuji and I have been working on GRUB (more volunteers are certainly
> welcome: see my next mail).  I'm quite confident that an
> easy-to-install, well-documented, and reasonably stable version of
> GRUB will be ready for gnu-0.3.

Cool. BTW. I had problems with GRUB and my new 10.1 GB disk from IBM. My
Bios only likes part of the disk (not the full range), because number of
cylinders is 19650 (16/63) in normal mode.

I had to switch to LBA mode in BIOS to boot off the third partition
(strarting at the half of the disk).

Interestingly, GRUB could detect the first two partition nicely, and gave
"Geometry error" only when I tried to list the third partition:

hd1,0: Linux Swap partition
hd1,1: Ext2 filesystem
Disk Geometry Error

I understand that this is BIOS limitation... well, thats x86 for you.

BTW, do you want a patch to build hurd-dgb pacckages, too?


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