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Re: Uploaded glibc 2.1.1-0pre1.3 (hurd-i386) to gnu

Okay, this was just a test.  According to Mark Kettenis, these libs
won't work anyway, so I've deleted them from alpha.gnu.org.

I'm ready to release new glibc Debian GNU/Hurd packages the instant
the next snapshots are available.  I'll first upload a beta-test to
alpha.gnu.org:/gnu/hurd/debian/, then when that works for people, I'll
upload them to Debian.

For the curious, here is the relevant dupload.conf entry:

$cfg{gnu} = {
	fqdn => "alpha.gnu.org",
	login => getlogin() || $ENV{USER} || $ENV{LOGNAME},
	incoming => "~ftp/gnu/hurd/debian/",
	mailto => "debian-hurd\@lists.debian.org",
	mailtx => "debian-hurd\@lists.debian.org",
	visibleuser => getlogin() || $ENV{USER} || $ENV{LOGNAME},
	visiblename => "",
	fullname => "",
	method => "ftp",

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