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Re: Status of Debian developers?

At 02:31 +0200 1999-03-29, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
* We need a new libc6 for dpkg-shlibdeps (and even then we won't have a
 guarantee that it works). The alternative is to use objdump and the
 dpkg-cross version even natively (which is limited in some serious way).

The ldd-based dpkg-shlibdeps is braindamaged in a major way.
It ends up pulling in indirect dependencies, e.g. libpam0g once was linked with cracklib2, dpkg-shlibdeps for the netatalk package (which links to libpam) generated the following depends: libc6, libpam0g, cracklib2; this is wrong because netatalk itself does not depend on cracklib2, a library netatalk links to does. Later libpam0g was changed not to link with cracklib2, as a result, netatalk would now have a spurious dependency (I say would because the last package I built was on a system where I was testing a objdump-based dpkg-shlibdeps). The objdump-based dpkg-shlibdeps is superior because it *correctly* uses the DT_NEEDED field of the headers of an ELF executable or shared object to figure out the dependencies, this insures that only direct dependencies get into the Depends or Pre-Depends field. A native objdump-based dpkg-shlibdeps patch is available in the debian-dpkg archives (http://www.debian.org/Lists-Archives/debian-dpkg-9901/msg00080.html).
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