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Cross-Compiled Hurd Upload Difficulties

Title: Cross-Compiled Hurd Upload Difficulties

Before filing any bug/enhancement requests, I wanted to run my problems by the rest of you Debian Hurd folks.

I am having trouble getting the architecture fields in the changes/control files to properly resolve to "hurd-i386".  I have tried using several combinations of parameters -VArch=hurd-i386, -DArch=hurd-i386, etc.  Can someone tell me the proper combination?

What I am ending up with is a set of output files that are "[bliff]_X.Y_hurd-i386.deb, that have changes files that identify them as Architecture: i386.  Internally they look okay, but I don't like how the dh_**** stuff allows for such inconsistency in the files.

It seems that only some of the deb helper scripts accept an architecture option, with many just reading the native architecture of the system.  This is a real problem for cross-development.

Any comments?



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