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Re: Success, to some extent

On Sun, Feb 28, 1999 at 09:00:03AM -0800, Aaron Van Couwenberghe wrote:
> Ok, I've got the system booting (hooray! ;) but native-install won't run
> without a huge mess of errors -- these are at the end of this mail.

That's because you chose a wrong set of packages, see below.
> additionally, when trying to run ae, I see it's been linked against
> libc.so.6; the only libc in hurd is libc.so.0.2 -- this is its proper soname
> anyway.

Oh. I think I need to fix it then by recompiling ae :) Which version did you
> Additionally, as I saw a 'perl' package in base on ftp.us.debian.org (for
> i386 hurd) I assumed that the provided perl .tar.gz was sufficient -- is it
> not?

The perl packages obsolete the tar file, and I removed the tar file from the
ftp site long ago. Please use the packages, because they are newer, fresher,
and have the extra portion milk. :)
> One last thing: After I've booted, I see no /dev/hd?s? devices. /dev/MAKEDEV
> doesn't know how to make them. Do they need to be there? And do they not
> represent directories under GNU Hurd?

You can make them with "cd dev; ./MAKEDEV hd0s1" etc. It worked here, at
> As it looked pretty close, I just took every .deb in
> sid/main/binary-i386-hurd/base and ran cross-install. perhaps this was wrong.

See, base currently contains a few packages which should not be installed,
and it is missing a few packages which need to be installed. In other words:
What base/ contains is determined by the needs of the Linux architecture,
not the Hurd architecture.

We will need to fix this later. For now, check the top of the cross-install
script. Inside the comments is a complete list of packages for the initial
install. It is tested, too, so that native-install will work with it.
> Anyway, I'll keep you posted. I'll try to get dpkg finished configuring
> everything... checking man pages now....

Oho. I need to port man-db, btw. I failed because it needed groff, and I had
slight problems but with little time to investigate. I hope I can do it this
> /dev/fd/4: /dev/fd/4: No such file or directory

This is a strange bug that Idon't fully understand yet. I just know that it
vanishes in the second run of --pending --configure.

>  bsdutils depends on sysvinit (>= 2.59-2); however:
>   Package sysvinit is not installed.

Please don't install bsdutils, it is useless anyway.

> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libnet-perl:
>  libnet-perl depends on perl (>= 5.004-0); however:
>   Package perl is not installed.
>  libnet-perl depends on data-dumper | perl (>= 5.005-0); however:
>   Package data-dumper is not installed.
>   Package perl is not installed.

libnet-perl is completely untested, and data-dumper is not ported yet.

> dpkg: error processing makedev (--configure):

Do NOT install makedev, this is important, because it is linux specific and
will not work on the Hurd. Maybe thisis the reason why makedev couldn't
create your device files?

Please reinstall from scratch, now leaving out the bad packages.

>  modconf depends on whiptail; however:

modconf is linux specific. rm it.

> dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of pppconfig:
>  pppconfig depends on ppp (>= 2.3); however:
>   Package ppp is not installed.

ppp is not available yet. drop pppconfig.

>  libnet-perl
>  makedev
>  modconf
>  pppconfig
>  dpkg-ftp
>  login

You should remove each of these.

> Processing was halted because there were too many errors.

Yeah. Because the base directory contains that many broken packages, which
we must not install. Seems I need to add a check inside of cross-install,
because nobody is reading the instructions :)

Brent already suggested this some time ago. I don't like it, because there
is no clean solution for this, but hard coding the names of the packages.

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