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Re: System requirements

> If the NFS client is stable enough, I can mount some space from my
> newer machine.  On an old-style Un*x box, I'd put /usr over NFS.  I
> realize the Hurd disapproves of this, but is shadowfs in such a state
> that I can do this?  (Incidentally, I keep wishing Linux supported
> shadowfs and translators...)

The nfs client is pretty stable in my experience.  You cannot currently
have /hurd, /servers, or /lib on nfs, but anything else should be fine
(including /bin and /sbin, in theory anyway).  

shadowfs is not in fact implemented yet, so you can't do anything really
snazzy.  But you can probably make most of the /foo dirs be symlinks to
/nfs-mount/foo where /nfs-mount is the nfs mount point.

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