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Trying to compile screen on HURD

Hi all,

I hope this isn't off topic, but I've been trying to get gnu screen to work
on HURD.  I'm getting tired of having only one vt (unless there is something
I'm missing..)

I can actually compile it with little trouble - just have to do a bit of
pruning here and there.

One thing odd is that out of the box it hangs on a function closeallfiles()
which closes all file descriptors except 0-2.  I assume it ends up trying to
close an rpc connection ?

Anyway, I commented that out, and now it will run.. I even got to a new screen
with one configuration, but I was unable to type anything. Some configs
would cause mach to die and reboot.

I'm just curious if anyone has an suggestions for me as next steps in trying
to get this to work.  It's quite the pain because I usually have to reboot
(twice to do fsck in linux) each time it dies.

Thanks in advance,


PS.  I think I've gotten start-stop-daemon.c working under HURD, if anyone
wants to test it, please send me an email (Marcus seems to be out for a bit

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